Spiritism guides my life.

I use the knowledge gained from The Spirits' Book to gauge the depth of other Metaphysical/Spiritual writings, theories, and beliefs, including religious doctrine.

Once I understood the logic in reincarnation [we believe in the reincarnation of the soul and that our soul always progresses, so that one would not generally come back as a cockroach], I found it easier to forgive myself of my shortcomings, provide moral and ethical strength to resist temptations, practice compassion toward all people as the homeless person may be spiritually more evolved than I.  Through Spiritism I have gained the courage to strive to better myself in all matters [if you're born with talents and abilities to work toward developing them].

Most of all, Spiritism gives me hope.

One very important point is the use of discernment.

dis·cern·ment  (di-sûrn'm?nt, -zûrn'-)  
  1. The act or process of exhibiting keen insight and good judgment.

  2. Keenness of insight and judgment.

from Dictionary.com

Many Spiritists refer to themselves as Christian Spiritists because we believe that the Christ was the most evolved spirit to come to earth on a mission.  But, in my opinion, this can be a title that is misconstrued by many, which is one of the reasons I refer to myself as an American Spiritist. 

Many Spiritists refer to Spiritism as a religion - it is not, it is simply a way of life; a philosophy that enhances a religious choice should you decide you want to participate in an organized religion. 

The good spirits tell us through The Spirits' Book that organized religion is man-made. They also tell us that all religions are worth studying as they all have something to offer. 

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